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Overlap Residual Herbicides for More Complete Weed Control

Weed resistance is increasing. Weed characteristics are changing. To keep pace, weed management strategies have to change. That’s why agronomists and weed scientists recommend using more than one soil herbicide. This strategy, called the Overlap™ System, takes weed stress off post herbicides by introducing multiple effective modes of action, different chemistries and controlling weeds before they emerge for longer periods of time.

The Overlap System involves: (1) applying strong residual herbicides preplant or preemergence to control weeds early in the season (2) following that application with an early postemergence herbicide that features a different mode of action.

To learn more, download the fact sheet, read the white paper from Bryan Young, Associate Professor of Weed Science at Purdue University and view the trial results and infographic below.



Key Overlap Facts

This infographic showcases why overlapping residuals is important and how the concept can
produce more effective weed management.

Download the infographic.